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M.A.I.L. of Jacksonville's Mission
Founded in September of 1998, MAIL of Jacksonville's mission is to reduce business mailers' postage expense while maintaining necessary service standards. The goal of balancing our customers' desire for postage savings, and their need for acceptable mail delivery is achieved through both our and EZ Flats programs.

Unlike traditional mail services and lettershops, MAIL of Jacksonville combines proprietary software with consolidated mailstreams to uncover dramatic postage saving opportunities for our customers. Jacksonville companies have saved millions of dollars in both postage expense and mail processing overhead using MAIL of Jacksonville solutions.
Saving postage is easy with EZ-Flats

The EZ-Flats service offers postage and labor savings, as well as improved cost center auditing on flat size mail.
Save over 50% on Accountable Mail
(Certified Mail, UPS, FedEx and DHL) combines innovative

packaging with patented technology to produce

postage savings and enhanced capabilites for

business mailers.



Save money and improve delivery with SMARTParcel

SMARTParcel provides better rates, improved service, no surcharges and free boxes on packages weighing under 20 pounds.  Use SMARTParcel in place of 2Day, 3Day and Ground service.  

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For additional information on how M.A.I.L. of

Jacksonville's services can benefit your organization,

contact us below.



M.A.I.L. of Jacksonville

6002 Bowdendale Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32216

Ph 904-737-9199

Fax 904-737-4492