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Home  EZFlats  ConfirmDelivery.Com  SMARTParcel  Contact Us  Member Login makes Accountable Mail easy!'s web-based application allows business mailers to save postage, reduce overhead and enhance tracking capabilities on lightweight Accountable Mail. From streamlined addressing to precise tracking, facilitates the entire mailing process. Download the Brochure (PDF) >>

Postage Savings

Save postage when compared to conventional Accountable Mail options.

  • Compared to your current costs (labor and postage) can save you up to 50% on Accountable Mail.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive, preprinted Certified Mail and Return Receipt forms.
  •'s USPS® address verification reduces costly returned mail.

Reduce Overhead

Eliminate the time and hassle associated with preparing Accountable Mail.

  • Prepare mail up to four times faster with compared to traditional Certified Mail with Return Receipt.
  • No cumbersome forms to fill out and file away.
  • Receive confirmation of delivery in hours instead of days.
  • The EZAddress online address book helps expedite the addressing process.

Enhanced Capabilities

Control your mailing data like never before.

  •'s patented tracking technology allows you to search for mail pieces by Name, Company, Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code or Internal Reference Number. Forget using difficult 20-digit tracking numbers!
  •'s AutoSignature feature automatically emails your most recent recipient signatures on a daily basis.
  • Online features compile usage and delivery reports.
  • All delivery and signature information is archived on for future reference. is a product of M.A.I.L., Inc.