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The EZ-Flats System
The new USPS shaped based rates have increased the cost to send lightweight, flat size mail as much as 50%.  In an effort to reduce the impact of increased postage, MAIL of Jacksonville is offering EZ-Flats; an innovative system used to capture postage discounts on First-Class Automation Flats.  The EZ-Flats service offers postage savings, labor savings and improved cost center auditing on flat size mail. Download the Brochure (PDF) >>

Manifest Postage Payment – save on equipment wear and tear, the expensive cost of meter ink and the labor expense for difficult flat mail processing.

Improved Billing Accuracy – each individual piece tracked and billed at its actual postage discount level.

Maximize Postage Discounts – combined mailstream with bundle based prep and 5 digit requirement, increases zip code density and provides clients with greater postage savings and improved delivery.

Address Assignment and Verification – combination of OCR and manual techniques helps boost assignment rates and reduce the percentage of costly rejects.

Standard Saver – save 40% off First Class postage rates for all qualifying printed material.

The EZ-Flats service is changing the way Jacksonville business mailers handle flat size mail. Take advantage of real postage savings, reduce overhead and improve auditing capabilities with EZ-Flats.